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Future Diagnostics Medical Solutions BV develops, produces, and markets the CE-marked & U.S. FDA cleared product: STAT-Intra Operative-Intact-PTH (STAT-IO-I-PTH) immunoassay. This unique system monitors the intact PTH levels during parathyroidectomies. The kit is a two-site chemiluminesent immunometric assay with only one pipetting step and 8-minute turnaround time. The detection antibody is present in the lyophilized accusphere ensuring long stability and low background. Detailed information can be found on

Free 25-OH Vitamin D ELISA

Our free 25OH Vitamin D ELISA is a competitive ELISA two-step immunoassay that allows a direct measurement of the concentration of free 25OH Vitamin D in serum. The assay is calibrated against a symmetric dialysis method. It shows excellent sensitivity, precision and performance characteristics, as performed according to the CLSI guidelines. Read more


Reagents for 25-OH Vitamin D assay

Future Diagnostics has developed a new and innovative release reagent that can be used in immune assays for 25-OH Vitamin D. Please refer to the attached patent:


DHEA-S Antibody

Future Diagnostics offers the monoclonal antibody to DehydroepiandrosteroneSulfate (DHEAS)
Dehydroepiandrosterone is the most abundant adrenal androgen in humans and exists predominately in a sulfated form (DHEAS). Read more