Micro-Array Spotting Services

Future Diagnostics owns a fully automated non-contact dispensing system for spotting of your oligos, antibodies or proteins in ultra-low volumes.

Are you looking for someone to make the best spots for you on the surface of your choice? Look no further.

micro array spotting multiplex

What is a micro-array?

A micro-array is a collection of microscopic spots on a solid surface, such as glass slides, membranes or microplates. Micro-array spotting is mostly used in multiplex assays that detect multiple target analytes – like allergens, infectious diseases or auto-immune diseases – in complex sample types. It allows perfect profiling of several biomarkers in blood or urine samples.


Future Diagnostics is the obvious choice for spotting of your biomolecules, because of

High Quality Printing Equipment State-of-the-Art
Consistent Dry Spots Regular, firm, well-balanced, rigid
Design Possibilities Flexible pattern choices
Stabilization Long-term storage
Best Buffers Selection & screening
Laboratory Conditions Right temperature, pressure, humidity
Year of Experience Since 1997

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