The Future Diagnostics STAT-IntraOperative-Intact-PTH (STAT-IO-I-PTH) Immunoassay kit is intended to be used for in vitro quantitative measurement of intact Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) concentrations in human serum and EDTA plasma. This procedure is recommended as an aid during surgery of hypersecreting parathyroid tissue.

The assay is a two-site chemiluminescent immunometric assay with only one pipetting step and 8-minute turnaround time. The detection antibody is present in the lyophilized accusphere ensuring long stability and low background.

Detection Capability

previously known as sensitivity

The detection capability of this assay is defined as the smallest single value, which could be distinguished from zero with 95% confidence. The Future Diagnostics STAT-IO-I-PTH assay has a calculated detection capability of 6 pg/ml.

Download the IO-I-PTH test instruction: TEST instruction (from as a pdf file.)

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