The importance of companion diagnostics in personalised medicin

November 24, 2021

Paracetamol is a godsend for many. However, for many types of pain, this medicine does not work. But not to worry. You can cheaply get a pack of ibuprofen that will probably do the trick. But what if the drug you initially wanted costs thousands of euros per treatment? Then it is important to know in advance: Is this really the best medicine? Companion diagnostics predict the applicability of a drug to a specific person. This saves time, money and often a lot of unnecessary discomfort or suffering.


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Immune test or PCR test

June 09, 2021

Where our field used to be a rather unknown and unpopular world for our friends, family or strangers, the subject of testing has gained a lot of popular interest lately. But even though the advent of COVID-19 has made our daily work suddenly more exciting for everyone, it remains a difficult topic. After all, whether it concerns a test in a test lane or a home test, it’s difficult to understand how they work. In this blog we explain it all.

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Sensitivity and specificity

March 08, 2021

Suppose you buy a home test. No home test is the same, so how reliable is the one you just bought? What is the probability of a false positive or false negative result? This is important to know, especially with diagnostic tests. To answer that question, several aspects need to be taken into account, in particular, sensitivity and specificity. Let us explain how exactly this works.

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The different areas of immunoassays

October 08, 2020

Be it for determining a Vitamin-D deficiency or the presence of COVID-19 or hiv in clinical specimens; there are immunoassays for measuring each of these specific biomarkers. This blog provides an overview of the different immunoassays present in the current market.

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The process from A to Z

September 07, 2020

IVD product development is a delicate and complex procedure. Only by using the purest of products, highly skilled professionals and effective communication do we reach the optimal product development process. Since we take pride in our in-house processes, we are more than pleased to present to you a closer look behind the doors of our facility on the comprehensive overview of product development at Future Diagnostics: the process from A to Z.

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Verification and validation; the differences

June 07, 2020

The terms verification and validation are often mixed up; the meanings being often accidentally interchanged or just used for the same purpose. But when overviewing the processes of product verification and validation at our facilities it is noticeable how content and application are similar, but the reasons behind the applications clearly differ.

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The importance of good products and skilled experts

May 07, 2020

Quality over quantity, a well-renowned philosophy embraced by many companies, remains part of our key values. Whereas others may not be necessarily obliged to stick to this motto, for us, maintaining the highest standard in product quality for excipients and know-how of the professionals working in our line of work is absolutey vital. Again, choosing quality is not always cheap. In this blog you will learn why we will never deviate from our culture of always going for the best products and professionals.

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