Introducing micro-SCY: a novel way of antibody-antigen interaction screening

micro-SCY™ is an innovative method for microarray-based characterization of antibody-antigen interactions, enabling systematic interaction screening in a highly biochemically relevant environment. The in-house by Future Diagnostics’ assay development experts. Future Diagnostics is currently offering micro-SCY™ as a service to IVD and biopharma companies, as well as antibody developers, producers and suppliers.

How does micro-SCY work?

micro-SCY™ screens antibody-antigen interactions in a microarray-based format in multiwell plates, offering a highly customizable and translatable setup for various antibody-based applications. A typical micro-SCY™ workflow consists of the following steps:

The benefits of using micro-SCY™ for antibody-antigen interaction screening

  • Parallel & systematic assessment of antibodies and antibody pairs in small volumes (pL range), resulting in increased throughput.
  • Highly translatable: Data is generated by an experimental setup highly relevant for immunoassays. This improves translatability compared to alternative technologies such as SPR and BLI.
  • Customizable setup: Method can be adapted to accommodate desired specifications of our customers.
  • Extensive and customizable output toolbox, including sensitivity, specificity, dynamic range, binding speed & strength, dissociation speed, matrix compatibility and lot-to-lot performance.

micro-SCY applications

  • Screening capture or detection antibodies, antibody pairs and synergistic antibody mixes
  • Raw material selection for biomarker assay development
  • Cohort screen to identify antibodies that are clinically most relevant (specific isoform/conformation/modification)
  • Clone selection in antibody development
  • Lot-to-lot comparison and other antibody production optimizations
  • Antibody performance vs. competitor products



More information?

Interested in using micro-SCYto characterize your antibodies? Contact our assay development experts to discuss your project needs!