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We are laboratory professionals creating biomarker assays, in-vitro diagnostic tests and products. A service provider and a development partner for the global IVD medical device and biopharma market.

How we work

When developing a biomarker assay, we utilize our proven five-phase New Product Development Process, compliant with ISO13485. During the entire development, the progress of the project is constantly monitored using key parameters such as deliverables, quality, budget and timelines to adjust projects quickly if necessary.


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IVD Product Development Services

Whether you need highly specialized knowledge or manpower, we are your trusted independent partner for the development of many different types of  biomarker assays, with different technologies, either manually or automated.

Assay Development Services

Our services

A biomarker can be measured in different kinds of (immuno)assays. Although the outcome is similar, the method and technology behind the test may differ entirely. The immunoassays we develop can be colorimetric (ELISA, EIA), fluorescent, chemiluminescent (CLIA), turbidimetric, a multiplex micro-array or used in a point of care test.


Biomarker Assay Development for Biopharma
IVD product development
Verification and Validation
Conjugation Services
Bead Coating Services
Multiplex Micro-Array Services
Performance Evaluation Studies (IVDR)


Many leading biotech and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices companies appreciate our proven, transparent approach to assay development, and are happy to work with us. Why? Because they know what to expect from us every step of the way, and rely on our expert experience – to identify risks at an early stage, and bring their concepts to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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