Sharp view on feasibility

For instance, you have a strong business case that you are working on. This puts you on the eve of the development of a new product or test. An exciting phase which is about weighing up opportunities and risks. After all, you are faced with significant investments and your clients expect a lot. This means you want to exclude as many risks as possible in advance and have a clear view of the feasibility. We understand that. That is why we identify the risks in relation to the intended project. We also make a detailed plan for the optimization of the future product.

Customer story

We worked on a new protocol for one of our clients. Blood samples containing antibodies to a virus were dried on matrices from a blood collection device. It was important, that the eluted samples were functional when used on different immuno-analyzers. We could verify this by comparing the quality of these dried (and subsequently eluted samples) with standard blood samples. The various immuno-analyzers on site – such as the Abbott Architect, Abbott Alinity, Siemens Centaur XP or Beckman Coulter DxI 600 – allowed us to set up and test these experiments using existing antibody assays. For example, we were able to study various predetermined specifications and showed that it is feasible to eventually make a commercial product that meets the client’s wishes.

Identifying risks

Flexibility is of great importance in such a feasibility study. Consistent monitoring and rapid adjustment are success factors. That is why the process has been set up with bi-weekly online meetings in which we provide each other with feedback. At these meetings we show and discuss the results. We bundle all data and findings in a clear report/advice that is aimed at taking the project to the next phase. Topics such as optimization, reproducibility, sensitivity, interfering substances or stability are discussed. This gives you a clear picture of the situation prior to a lengthy and cost-intensive process regarding the possibilities for project or product!

Comparison Studies

Future Diagnostics assists where necessary, be it large parties with extensive IVD devices or start-ups with limited manpower.

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