Dutch grant ‘’MIT Haalbaarheidssubsidie’’ for further development of micro-SCY™ technology

Future Diagnostics Solutions will receive an ‘’MIT Haalbaarheidssubsidie’’ grant for the further development of our in-house developed micro-SCY™ technology. The €20,000 grant, meant to stimulate regional innovation, was issued by the Provincie Gelderland after assessment by an independent jury and judged to be highly innovative and promising. We are eager to continue the applicational expansion of our micro-SCY™ technology.

Micro-SCY™ is an in-house developed, highly innovative method to screen antibody-antigen interactions in a biochemically relevant environment. Micro-SCY™ is performed in a microarray-based format in multi-well plates, offering a highly customizable and translatable setup for various antibody-based applications, and for customers ranging from IVD assay developers and biopharma customers to antibody suppliers.

For more information, please refer to the micro-SCY page or contact us directly to discuss your project needs.