Development of Photonic Biosensor Device

Together with the BioCDx consortium, Future Diagnostics has been proudly working on the development of a miniaturized, reliable biosensing system for accurate and highly sensitive detection of protein cancer biomarkers, for the treatment monitoring of cancer disease and the therapeutics response.

In this paper, we present the development of a photonic biosensor device for cancer treatment monitoring as a complementary diagnostics tool. The proposed device combines multidisciplinary concepts from the photonic, nano-biochemical, micro-fluidic and reader/packaging platforms aiming to overcome limitations related to detection reliability, sensitivity, specificity, compactness and cost issues. The photonic sensor is based on an array of six asymmetric Mach Zender Interferometer (aMZI) waveguides on silicon nitride substrates and the sensing is performed by measuring the phase shift of the output signal, caused by the binding of the analyte on the functionalized aMZI surface. According to the morphological design of the waveguides, an improved sensitivity is achieved in comparison to the current technologies (<5000 nm/RIU). This platform is combined with a novel biofunctionalization methodology that involves material-selective surface chemistries and the high-resolution laser printing of biomaterials resulting in the development of an integrated photonics biosensor device that employs disposable microfluidics cartridges. The device is tested with cancer patient blood serum samples. The detection of periostin (POSTN) and transforming growth factor beta-induced protein (TGFBI), two circulating biomarkers overexpressed by cancer stem cells, is achieved in cancer patient serum with the use of the device.

Very well-accomplished by National Technical University of Athens Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens LioniX InternationalSurfix BV CSEM LRE Medical GmbH and Future Diagnostics Solutions

Read all about it in the recently published paper in Sensors

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