The importance of good products and skilled experts

Quality over quantity, a philosophy embraced by many companies. Where others are not necessarily obliged to stick to this motto, it is vital for us to maintain the highest standard in product quality for excipients and know-how of the professionals working in our line of work. Again, choosing quality is not always cheap. In this blog you will learn why we will never deviate from the chosen road to always choose the best products and professionals.

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Only reagents with the best possible product quality

An IVD product consists of several components. When developing immunoassays we screen all necessary materials and reagents in different conditions. This is crucial because our materials and reagents need to be of the highest quality; otherwise the performance of the end product is compromised. This will result in deviating standards and we consider this to be alarming and undesirable. Plus on a longer term our client will suffer the consequences.

Putting the best professionals to work guarantees a competent, efficient and optimized product development process. A test needs to be developed exactly according to the high IVD standards. We have proven to make the near impossible possible by selecting skillful personnel.

Avoiding alterations by choosing quality

We secure that the components used in our tests are available for at least 10 years. By discussing a questionnaire in which we verify among others the lifespan of the product, the annual production capacity and long-term deliverability, we determine the best supplier. The contents of a finished IVD product cannot be easily altered. It is extremely costly and time consuming to start new testing with new processes and different parameters or alterations. Except when reagents are no longer available and should be replaced, we start new tests and processes. But that is something we try to prevent at all costs.

It is therefore much more cost efficient to select reagents with both high product quality as well as a long lifespan. It speaks for itself that this selection process will pay for itself in the long run and is efficient in quality, process and time.

Our project triangle

Our methods are always subject to our project triangle. In our line of business only 2 of 3 options are available: quality, speed and low cost. All 3 is simply a utopia. That is why we chose from the start for high quality and an appropriate timetable. And we still do today.

As we mentioned before, the purity and high standard of the results depend on the careful and knowledgeable selection of components and reagents. We fulfill our promise to deliver our product within the requested time frame. After all it is essential for the health of patients or the monitoring of their quality of life. That is ultimately why we do what we do.

More on how we work

Development costs versus product quality

The consequence of choosing quality and speed is that development costs are not easily reduced. This might seem uninviting to you, but do not judge too quickly. If we choose another combination of options from our project triangle our clients will have a much more questionable end product. A fast and cheap production process in which we focus mainly on cost, will force us to let go of our most important pillars, namely quality and attention.

Higher costs in raw materials, reagents and people means higher quality, more attention to detail, the cream of the crop in terms of professionals, efficient and state-of-the-art product development and as final outcome faster results. The combination of these factors ensures that we deliver IVD tests that we stand for and defend. Our client will benefit and so will the market.

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