Top 10 IVD Solution Provider in Europe – 2020

Future Diagnostics Solutions is recognized by MedTech Outlook Magazine as TOP 10 In Vitro Diagnostic Solution Provider in Europe – 2020.


Managing Director, Mike Klinkenberg, was interviewed about Future Diagnostics’ activities in a special In Vitro Diagnostic issue of the MEDTECH Outlook magazin.

The In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market is highly competitive and fragmented with several large and small players vying for supremacy. In this marketplace, the success of developing, validating and marketing diagnostics depends considerably on the ability of manufacturers to navigate the specific, complex, and interrelated development requirements.

Future Diagnostics has been working with start-up companies, mid-sized biotech , and IVD multinationals within the global IVD medical device market, standing tall as an extension of a client’s R&D.

With more than 22 years of experience and over 70 skilful employees, the company is dedicated to make successful developments and accelerate product launches for clients. This profound expertise makes Future Diagnostics a trusted partner for the development of many different types of immunoassays, with different technologies, either manually of automated.

We have the guts to make deals for certain projects where clients do not need to pay if we fail to deliver. - Mike Klinkenberg, Business Development Manager at Future Diagnostics