Press release: Future Diagnostics celebrates 25th anniversary

On Friday, May 20, Future Diagnostics will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The company, which develops diagnostic tests on behalf of international biotech companies, will open its doors to invited guests that day. For a snack and a drink, the unveiling of its new logo and a tour of the laboratory in Wijchen.

During the anniversary day, interested parties can get to know the faces behind the company and talk to them. They can also get into places in the building that are not normally open to the public. In other words: a look behind the scenes of an immunotest developer. At a time when medical testing is an extremely hot topic.

Looking back and looking forward

“All our former and current employees are invited, as well as every business relation that has contributed to our success in any way,” managing director Frank Martel let us know on behalf of the company. “Because while our field did not have a lot of public interest in the past, the last two years have proven that it is, in fact, relevant to us all. Besides, our enthusiastic experts love to talk about their work. So all of our contacts can now take advantage of that.” May 20 will be a day to look back on a quarter of a century of Future Diagnostics. “But we will also show what is possible today and, with the unveiling of our new logo, will also be looking ahead.” From 3 pm the doors in Wijchen will open for drinks. The logo will be festively unveiled at 4.30. After that, there will be ample opportunity for a look around the lab between 5 and 8 pm.

About Future Diagnostics

Future Diagnostics has been inventing, creating and validating various types of immunoassays for medical diagnostics for 25 years. Determining disease through these IVD tests is of great importance, but analyzers do not automatically measure the desired biomarkers. The experts determine how specific markers can be detected and what exactly is needed to do so. This is all done from Wijchen in Gelderland, for customers worldwide.