Point of care testing

Desire for a high quality IVD Point of Care test on your device?

With our experience your POC assay developed beyond expectations

Point of care (POC) testing allows patient diagnosis at the hospital, medical specialist’s office, in the field or ambulance. No more delays in treatment decision making or unnecessary anxiety for patients.

Technologies improve fast on accuracy, precision, reliability and connectivity. Information and data sharing is being made easy so management reporting is no issue. The right POC analyzer can deliver lab-equivalent results.

With over 15 years of experience in quantitative POC test development, Future Diagnostics is the obvious choice to bring the lab to the patient. You can benefit from our knowledge on what it takes to get a POC-test on the market. We support feasibility studies and develop successful POC tests for leading technology companies on a daily basis.

Features POC test

  • Robust, accurate, portable and reliable
  • Sample type flexibility
  • Results immediately to electronic patient file
  • Integrated quality control
  • Safely and easy use by non-technical staff with the minimum of training 

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