Free 25OH Vitamin D

In several conditions, the level of vitamin D binding proteins may be elevated or decreased. The most compelling evidence can be found in pregnancies, renal disease and liver disease. Recent literature suggests that particularly in these cases free 25OH Vitamin D might be a better indicator of Vitamin D status. In other words, it provides more relevant diagnostic information than measurement of Total 25OH Vitamin. 

Overall, the biomarker 'free 25OH Vitamin D' is one to remember for your research & diagnostics. It provides rather important information in the light of health conditions.

Free 25OH Vitamin-D ELISA

96 tests CE-IVD

Competitive ELISA assay

Our free 25OH Vitamin D ELISA is a CE-IVD marked, competitive ELISA two-step immunoassay. It allows a direct measurement of the concentration of free 25OH Vitamin D in serum. The assay is calibrated against a symmetric dialysis method. Above all, it shows excellent sensitivity, precision and as well as performance characteristics, as performed according to the CLSI guidelines.

During the first incubation step free 25OH Vitamin D [25OH Vitamin D2 and D3] from standards, controls and patient samples is bound to an anti-Vitamin D antibody. This antibody is coated onto the wall of the microtiter plate. The solid phase is then washed. The remaining antibody reacts with the biotinylated analog of 25OH vitamin D in a second incubation. A streptavidin peroxidase conjugate is added afterwards. In the next step, a TMB chromogenic substrate is added. Finally, the reaction is stopped by the addition of stop reagent. The absorbance [A450nm] is measured using a plate spectrophotometer. The concentration of free 25OH Vitamin D in the sample is inversely proportional to the absorbance in each sample well. Eventually, the concentration of each sample is determined by reading its OD value from a calibration curve.

DIAsource ImmunoAssays

This assay is the result of a collaboration between DIAsource ImmunoAssays S.A. and Future Diagnostics Solutions B.V. Future Diagnostics developed Vitamin D assays showing the highest grades of specificity, sensitivity and precision found in the market for large multinational IVD companies. Diasource develops, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostics products and is committed to Vitamin D, including IVD and RUO products. Future Diagnostics filed a patent for this assay, whereas DIAsource ImmunoAssays has the exclusive rights for commercialization of this ELISA assay. 

The assay is unique and exclusively available at DIAsource.